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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Jul 27 13:45:05 EDT 2015

Dear CBAers,

Attached is the almost-final UX UMa paper.  I'll send the figures 
separately Wednesday.  I have most of the contact and observing-log info 
right now, but certainly not all - please correct me.  And UX UMa is off 
the menu for sure.

I still haven't decided re IGR J1955+00 - I think Enrique will send 
advice re that.  It certainly is fascinating - but we may have reached 
the limit of what we'll learn.  But maybe not...?  A few more nights is 
probably a good idea.

There are a few seasonally-appropriate stars where we have gathered 
almost enough data to complete our study - but not quite.  These are 
V1315 Aql, V380 Oph, and V1974 Cyg.  It would be great to amass about 2 
solid weeks of coverage on them.  Those are the stars I recommend now 
for lengthy coverage.

It's also a very good season for coverage of DQ Her stars (intermediate 
polars).  I especially recommend, V2306 Cyg, V2069 Cyg, RX1654-19, V1223 
Sgr, and IGR 1817-25.  As always, Koji Mukai's intermediate-polar 
website is a great reference for these stars:


As most of you know, the DQ Hers are good targets for the occasional 
night here and there - whereas the novalikes/old novae especially repay 
very frequent, tightly clustered observation.

Finally, here are some seasonally-appropriate easy targets: V Sge, FO 
Aqr, AO Psc (V1223 Sgr is borderline in this category too).  The goal 
for those guys is a *long*-term ephemeris, and they're bright - so 
they're very good targets for people getting started in this enterprise 
(or for people with few opportunities).

Good luck!

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