(cba:news) swift 0614+17 and BZ Cam

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Feb 15 14:37:17 EST 2015

Dear CBAers,

Time to ring sown the curtain on BZ Cam.  The negative-superhump signal 
is roaring away, as it did last year, and the 100-day coverage is plenty 
good. BTW here is a fascinating pic and brief description of this 
amazing star:


Here's a promising new intermediate-polar candidate, with light curves 
from Arizona (attached).  At 17.5, it's not the easiest target - but not 
super-difficult, and likely to yield both orbital and rotational signals 
of good accuracy.  The coords are 06 14 12.28 +17 04 32.6, and the comp 
star fro these nights is at 6 14 14.72 +17 04 32.0 - although feel free 
to use a different comparsion star (this one was appropriate for a 1.3 m 
telescope, but you might want a brighter one!).

T Aurigae continues to be a very good target, too.

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