(cba:news) V380 oph

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Aug 19 12:41:35 EDT 2015

Oops, I forgot about V380 Oph in yesterday's message.  V380 Oph has been 
in a low state for months (all year?), and these low states of VY Scl 
stars can teach us a lot about the secondary stars and processes. 
Gordon has got in some nights from Australia -= enough to demonstrate 
that the orbital signal dominates the light curve.  But it makes a big 
difference whether we see just one hump per orbit, or two.  One => 
probably a reflection effect, indicating a very hot WD.  Two => possibly 
the secondary star alone, with an "ellipsoidal" variation.
If you can do 19th mag (sorry), let's gang up on the star and torture it 
for its secrets.

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