(cba:news) Fwd: [vsnet-alert 18564] ASASSN-15hn: very bright, high amplitude CV candidate

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Apr 21 00:27:44 EDT 2015

Gracious, an amplitude of 8.7 mag.  Getting awfully impressive.
Could be an awfully nice target!


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SASSN-15hn	9:7:5.35	-10:42:45.2	2015-04-18.09 13.2

very bright, high amplitude CV candidate, matches to j=21.9 faint 
source, V>17.0 on
2015-04-14.12, V=12.9 on 2015-04-17.05, V=13.2 on 2015-04-18.09


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