(cba:news) ASASSN-14gx - bright, high amplitude CV candidate caught early... and ASASSN-14ei

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Sep 8 08:33:32 EDT 2014

A couple of southern beauties.  14gx just popped off; we don't know 
anything about it, except "high amplitude", but it shows promise to be a 
shiny new WZ Sge star (assuming it's actually a CV!).  Available to 
southerly norteamericanos too.

ASASSN-14ei has been covered steadily by Berto and Josch for ~5 weeks. 
The coverage has been good and the star has been sensational (43 minute 
period - no waiting around!)... but we'd greatly benefit from 
time-series at the AU-NZ longitudes (=0255-47, so southerners only). 
Also, lengthy time series at all longitudes would be great; the strong 
periodic signals have endured for many weeks since the original 
superoutburst in late July.  Amazing how far south Eridanus wanders... 
and the time series are pretty remarkable too.  I think it's about 16th 
mag now (but lacking a telescope, I'm always a tad behind on such 

For the record, we've quit on V1974 Cyg and V1223 Sgr.  Two stars I'm 
about to retire are VZ Scl (nice campaign, plenty of data) and GD 552 = 
Cep 1 (no clear periodic signal yet).  The latter is sort of baffling - 
we should be able to find that orbital signal (revealed by spectroscopy, 
so we know where it should be).  It's a star of enormous significance - 
probably the oldest CV in the sky - so anything we learn about it would 
be great.  Davud Cejudo has been observing it from Spain; some long runs 
by USA observers would greatly help to set a stringent limit on periodic 
signals - or better yet, find one.

joe p

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ASASSN-14gx  23:51:23.96	-30:27:25.2	2014-09-7.19

V>16.7 on 2014-09-06.07, V=15.4 on 2014-09-07.19, V=14.9 on 
2014-09-07.36, V=13.8 on 2014-09-08.18
no match in CRTS, only one very faint match in Vizier, j=21.7

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