(cba:news) V1101 Aql and others

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Oct 8 08:30:14 EDT 2014

Hi CBAers,

We have decided to suspend our V1101 Aql for the season... BUT a few 
time-series near minimum light (around 15.5) will still be very helpful 
- in specifying the *phase* of the negative superhump.  We know it keeps 
pretty good time (and that in itself is pretty amazing).  But HOW good, 
exactly?  To answer that, we need to extend the coverage through 
quiescence - which will only last a few days.  The amplitude of the 
signal is very high - simple for everyone to detect.  We should keep 
after it each quiescence until evening twilight snatches Aquila away 
form us.

Look at the AAVSO light curve on V1101 Aquila.  It's a treat. 
Everything about this wonderful star is a treat.

And I gotta say, Mister ASASSN-14ei is a helluva treat too!


p.s. we'd love to start up our campaign on HV Ceti.  A possible relative 
of T Pyx (which desperately needs relatives, if we are ever to 
understand it).  At 18th mag it's a challenge; but at least it's 
hemispherically friendly to all (with a declination of +5 deg).
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