(cba:news) QZ Lib = ASAS1536-08

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed May 21 12:36:39 EDT 2014

Hi CBAers,

We've started some observations of QZ Lib with the MDM 2.4 m telescope. 
  The light curve looks promising both for a precise Porb (or Pphot) 
measurement, and a detection of rapid WD pulsations.  This is a star 
I've long wanted to do (a peachy candidate for a "period bouncer"), but 
never managed to - overly seduced by trying to finish the winter stars 
before midnight, and start the summer stars after.
I still dunno how much time we can devote to it, but it should be a 
GREAT, if somewhat challenging, target for CBA coverage.

That's QZ Lib, not QZ Vir - which is itself pretty confusing, since it's 
an alias for the famous T Leo, credited as the first dwarf nova ever 
observed!  QZ Lib is about 17.5 and the light curve is pretty quiet, 
since it's a very intrinsically faint star - just a little bit more than 
a bare white dwarf.

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