(cba:news) NR TrA and IM Nor, recent novae

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat May 17 06:45:23 EDT 2014

Dear (southern) CBAers,

We're getting some great data from Gordon Myers this week on NR TrA, and 
the seasonal timing is mighty good.  The next couple of weeks offer a 
great opportunity to do a round-the-world sweep on this extremely 
fascinating star - which Fred Walter has been covering with spectroscopy 
since its 2008 nova eruption.  About mag 16.7.

Then there's IM Nor, a recurrent nova and a 2002 erupter - of extra 
special interest to us because its probable binary period is so short (a 
likely friend of T Pyx, which urgently needs friends).  Quite a 
challenge, around 18.5... and I believe only Berto has been able to get 
data on it.  But maybe things have changed; probably all of us, except 
for me, are slightly better photometrists than we were a few years ago. 
  On a good night, can you try to get time series on it?

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