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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
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Dear CBAers,

Especially the Euros!  We've been clouded out the last 2 nights at MDM. 
  Tonight looks good, but so have the last two, to be quickly followed 
by clouds.  Can you observe this star and send to Boris right away?


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Dear All,

we are now in the last critical hours, and we have a problem: the
last measurement shows SDSS1006+2337 at V=17.4, which
is much brighter than everything from the last days. It may
simply be a little flickering episode, but it could be the onset
of an outburst.

We will need to get some more data points over the next
~5-6h, otherwise STScI will likely pull the plug on this,
with the loss of 4 HST orbits.

Thanks for any help you can give, and please e-mail
me any observation you can get in addition to
uploading it to the AAVSO data base.

Let's hope it works out right, it's the last target in
the program, and it would be nice to end it on
a positive note.

Best wishes,


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