(cba:news) V1159 Ori, SDSS0902+38, etc.

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Mar 17 10:53:06 EDT 2014

Dear CBAers,

The 5-day Suzaku (X-ray) observation has started, and it would be great 
if you obtained (necessarily) short time series during this week.  And 
if possible, specify your comparison star and its magnitude (we'd like 
it to be calibrated, for a change).

Nothing dramatic may occur, but probably one "echo outburst" will be 
resolved.  That's the main goal of the observation - so finish up the 
V1159 Ori season with a flurry!

SDSS J0902+3819 will probably be the star of the week if it stays 
bright.  Maybe even the star of the year - AM CVn stars are rare, and 
their superoutbursts are mighty hard to catch.

Time to quit on BK Lyn - it seems to be pretty stable this year... in a 
"standstill", to use the Z Cam terminology.  We can also quit on AM CVn 
- the coverage has been so good that all the periods and phases are 
determined very, very precisely.  CR Boo and HP Lib would be worthy 
successors, though.  For some reason (the Galactic pole?), practically 
all the AM CVn stars are in the (northern) springtime sky.

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