(cba:news) hp lib, cr boo, am cvn, sdss0902+38

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Mar 15 01:42:24 EDT 2014

Dear CBAers,

It's March again, and practically all the AM CVn stars are up there, 
ripe for observation.  Most importatntly, sdss0902+38 has risen brighter 
than a few days, quite possibly signifying its first-ever superoutburst. 
  Wonderful target - who knows when the next chance will come?

We're getting good coverage on AM CVn, and in a few more weeks we'll be 
able to nail down the long-term Pdot (orbital, that is).  Good target 
for bright, moonlit skies.  And in fact, *so* good that it's time - or 
very soon will be the time - to do the same for HP Lib.  Like AM CVn, it 
will likely be found a source of gravity waves, and to reap that benefit 
we need to know the *precise* orbital period.  Over a long baseline. 
Easy target for all CBA scopes.

I agonize about CR Boo.  We really want to find it faint, or *extremely* 
bright.  It usually ramps up and down rapidly in an intermediate 
brightness state - and periodicity analysis is then quite hampered.  On 
the other hand, if we don't look frequently, we won't find out about its 
luminosity states *or* its periodicities.  So keep an eye on it.

And there are others too.  Major league baseball, Einstein's birthday, 
March madness, the AM CVns... they all come together near the equinox.

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