(cba:news) HZ Puppis and the Mon boys

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Jan 18 07:50:44 EST 2014

Dear CBAers,

I'm still hoping for some off-longitude time series on HZ Pup, in the 
next few days.  We have two more nights at Kitt Peak, and probably will 
put it back on the menu since we haven't got data on it in a few days, 
and none from other longitudes.  The value would be greatly enhanced 
with some roughly contemporary data from other longitudes (and from the 
Americas too, since our observing window is brief and our long run of 
beautiful weather may end quickly).  If the periods are perfectly 
stable, the data need not be highly contemporary; but alias structure is 
much simpler when the data are close in time.

The Mon boys - V902 and V959 - also need help.  Both good CBA targets 
and equatorial, so everybody can see 'em.  Olde Whiteface is clearing 
out, and now would be a great time to observe them closely.

The Suzaku X-ray observation of V1159 Ori is now put off until late 
February, so we don't need more time-series data on it for a while. 
Snapshot V magnitudes would be nice though.

Finally, AQ Men.  I was delighted to see the recent response on this 
star from many of our southern stalwarts: Josch, Berto, Gordon, Bob Rea. 
  But for the next few days, maybe you could persuade your telescopes to 
slew over to HZ Puppis??

First time I ever said anything like that.

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