(cba:news) V482 Cam, once more

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Jan 7 16:51:27 EST 2014

The V482 Cam campaign is going well.  Enrique and Bill Stein have 
obtained numerous long runs, and other contributions from Tut, Bob K, 
and Donn have filled out the light curve of this beautiful SW Sex 
eclipser very nicely.  Among the usual baubles of periodic eclipses and 
superhumps is an entirely unexpected and mysterious feature: a signal 
around 9.3 hours.  At least I think so!

I ought to know for sure, considering all the data.  But despite its 
bulk, we still have no actual overlap of European with North American 
data.  This is a serious problem, because the star has quite large 
variations with the orbital period, superhump period, and "superorbital" 
period - so averaging doesn't work, and exact simultaneity of 
observation is needed.  Most of the North American data seems to be 
reducible (with additive constants) to a consistent scale, but we 
haven't managed to bridge the Atlantic.  And that particular period is 
really troublesome: it's close to the Europe-USA longitude separation, 
close to the differential-extinction trouble frequencies... and now, it 
appears, close to V482 Cam's most interesting and peculiar clock as well.

I'll lay dollars to doughnuts it's real - but let's find out for sure!
Use of cba-chat might help accomplish this.


And, as always, apologies for the American slang.
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