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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Feb 8 08:09:08 EST 2014

Hi Lew et al.

I have no certain or official knowledge of this, but the program seemed 
fairly clear.  The two full conference days are June 13 and 14, plus 
June 12 for workshops and the AAVSO "general" meeting.  So I would guess 
that the arrival/departure dates for most people will be June 11 and 15.

   The hotel default should therefore be June 10-15 inclusive, 6 nights. 
  Strangely, it's June 9-14, inclusive.  Looks like a hotel error to me, 
and a minor one since most people will choose their own dates.  In my 
mind the only uncertainty is whether there might be some  component of 
the meeting, probably a reception, on the evening of June 11.

   We have no set-aside time for a CBA component, at least not yet.  But 
in addition to the usual shared meals and one group discussion, I'd like 
to encourage CBAers to give brief illustrated talks on their own 
instrumental setup and observations... and would also like to collect 
pdf or ppt versions for the record.  I'll try to get some time for that, 
probably in a small conference room.

It would also be *great* if some CBAers gave talks in the normal June 13 
and 14 meeting schedule - in which case, abstracts are due on March 15. 
  In a few days I'll send out some science highlights (based on the 
totality of CBA data, including yours) which I think are good candidates.


On 2/7/2014 9:13 PM, Lew C wrote:
> Does anyone know WHEN ARE EVENTS SCHEDULED for the spring meeting with CBA,
> SAS and AAVSO? The hotel dates are selected as June 9 - 14 yet the SAS
> Symposium is set for June 11-13. If you folks are planning something for
> the 10th, that makes sense, otherwise I will reserve my room June 10-14. I
> need to get an early reservation, because handicapped rooms may not be
> available later.
> Thanks,
>   Lew
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