(cba:news) August/September easy northern targets

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Aug 19 02:52:35 EDT 2014

(cc-ing to cba-news since it's of possibly wider interest)

The two obvious choices are FO Aqr and AO Psc, since they're bright and 
the period of interest is very short (mainly the spin periods of 21 and 
14 min).  And we have basically not visited them in 2014.  If they're a 
tad too low or too south for short evening runs, then do V Sge.  The 
period is long, but we can synthesize the orbital light curves, and 
hence the eclipse timing, from sequences of short runs.

Some qualifiers:
1. AO Psc is in a remarkably sparse field.
2. V Sge is ~11-12 mag and can be done with a V filter; could that be 
why it's called a V filter?

The light curves of each are sufficiently well known to allow accurate 
evaluation of data quality - yet the long-term period changes are of 
great astrophysical interest (and they're accessible to our decades-long 
observing programs).


On 8/18/2014 4:21 PM, Jonathan Kemp wrote:
> Well, our little CCD saga continues.  Finger Lakes can't fix our old one,
> but I'm testing out a backup camera and might go on sky with it soon.
> Any CV target recommendations for short-ish evening runs over the next
> couple of weeks?
> Jonathan

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