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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Apr 24 15:34:49 EDT 2014

Dear CBAers,

Starting now and going for about a week, make an all-out effort to 
obtain time series of AY Sex = PSR J1023+0038.  Here are some recent 
light curves, from MDM Observatory, which give you an idea of what you 
might see.  The coords are 10 23 47.687 +00 48 41.1.  Nominal brightness 
is 17.3, but it varies in a pattern which is not yet known.  The first 
of the "missing link" millisecond pulsars.

We have a Hubble Space Telescope observation coming up this week.  I'll 
write with the exact time, but we need to get absolutely the maximum 
density of observation during the week, starting right away. Follow it 
to large airmass, and if possible include the airmass in the report 
(I'll correct for it).  Since it's equatorial, everyone can observe it, 
and my hope is that we can stitch together a nice one-week light curve 
despite the slightly unfavorable RA (short-ish runs from everybody).

The star GSC 0246-0153 could be a good comparison - but I'll be happy 
for observations with any comp star.  Ours is part of a worldwide 
campaign to observe it at all possible wavelengths during this week 
(radio through X-ray, and especially UV where the HST will observe it).

I'll write tomorrow re other targets. but very good morning targets 
would be NR TrA (south), HS1813+61 (north), and HP Lib (both).  That's 
leaving out the dwarf novae, which I'll leave to Enrique to comment on.

joe p
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