(cba:news) IR Com, EX Hya, DW UMa, AY Sex, V1159 Ori

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Apr 7 13:49:05 EDT 2014

Dear CBAers,

Time for a status report on some of our stars.

1. V1159 Ori.  We're finished with it for the year.

2. EX Hya.  Likewise, Nice tune-up of the ephemerides.

3. AY Sex.  Could you resume regular monitoring - to measure the 
magnitude, and also, if you can get good data, any variability 
(flickering?).  We have an HST observation later in April.

4. DW UMa.  Great result, as Enrique advertised!  Simultaneous positive 
and negative superhumps, with the eclipse shape varying as a function 
of... well, precession phase, but since there are presumably TWO types 
of precession, we need to distinguish sharply between the two.  This 
merits a couple more weeks of data, especially by us norteamericanos 
(the Spaniards are going great guns on it).

5. IR Com.  As some of you know, the credentials of this alleged dwarf 
nova are somewhat in doubt, because it hardly ever erupts.  It would be 
a lot more pleasant if the star were magnetic - either an AM Her or DQ 
Her star.  So... #1, get occasional snapshots of the star to see its 
luminosity state (and warning, it has deep eclipses)... and #2, if you 
have good signal-to-noise at 17.0, get some time series to test for a 
fast periodic signal.

More later.

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