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Thu Sep 19 07:08:22 EDT 2013

Dear CBAers,

For those who didn't already get this (yesterday), here's the scoop 
concerning the 2014 SAS/AAVSO/CBA meeting.  To my chagrin, they decided 
to move it from Big Bear - which I really liked - to Ontario, 
California, which is very near a moderately-big airport.  So that'll 
bring some extra convenience, perhaps.

I hope to induce a significant chunk of our non-Americans to attend and 
present results.  And I can possibly help with (some) $$ support, 
airport pickups etc., and also organize some area sightseeing - 
including some of the usual LA stuff and maybe a climb of Mount Baldy 
(still probably a little snow-capped in early June).

If you've never attended a SAS meeting (and even more if you have), 
these meetings are chock full of creative things people have done with 
telescopes and observations.  And creative people of course.  The 
internationals are (almost) always a hit with the audience; we 
norteamericanos are pretty familiar with what's happening in nearby 
backyards, and curious about what happens in distant ones, where the 
challenges are often quite different.

Think about attending, and perhaps giving a paper.  "Papers" can be oral 
or poster; strangely enough, they're not actually paper (until the 
proceedings are published).

I'll discuss targets in a message later today.  But in case I'm run over 
by a bus in the meantime (I cross Broadway twice a day, and every 
crossing brings a 10**-7 probability)... let's QUIT on V1101 Aql, and 
transfer all that wonderful effort to RX J2133.7+5107 ("Cyg" in the 
Downes catalog).  This is a long Porb DQ Her star, in which Enrique has 
discovered a previously unknown signature of accretion disk precession 
(viz. its orbital sideband, or "negative superhump").  Because it's a 
long period, long runs are needed - common enough for us.  But with long 
periods, calibration is more critical, since differential extinction can 
be problematic.  To minimize that, I recommend using the same comparison 
star, and also listing the airmass if you can (so a rough extinction 
correction is possible).  Enrique will follow up with more details, I think.

I'm done with begging for V1494 Aql data; CBAers just don't like this 
star.  So let's quit.  But I'll start my begging earlier next year!

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After conducting a survey of the membership and past Symposium
attendees, the SAS board has made its decision about the site
and dates for the 2014 Symposium on Telescope Science:

Location: Ontario, CA
Dates:    2014 June 12-14

You can read more about the 2014 location, the reasons for the
change, and the results of our survey by downloading a special
edition of the SAS newsletter available via a link on our home


or directly using


Thank you to all who took part in the survey.

We look forward to seeing you at next year's Symposium which will
be a joint meeting involving SAS, AAVSO, and Center for Backyard
Astrophyhsics (CBA). It's never too early to start thinking about
the paper or poster that you'd like to present!

Clear Skies,
Brian D. Warner
SAS Program Committee

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