(cba:news) MASTER OT J234843.23+250250.4: a new SU UMa star

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Oct 29 17:34:17 EDT 2013

Hi CBAers,

Announcement from Gianluca - looks mighty interesting!  The 
double-peaked signal, the decent amplitude superhump, the possibly funky 
period... let's start up a campaign.  This should *replace* V378 Peg (in 
pretty much the same part of the sky).  The recent data on V378 Peg 
brings the campaign to 20 days, with quite excellent density of 
coverage.  It still just shows a single (beautiful, but solitary) 
periodic signal.


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Dear Colleagues,

We are performing time resolved photometry  on this source, remotely using
the robotic 14" unit part of the Virtual Telescope in Italy. The run 
lasted 4 hours.

We detected 0.15mags superhumps: assuming a single peak profile, period 
is 0.75
hours, maybe it is a double-peak modulation.

Data sent to Kyoto for analysis.

Gianluca Masi
Francesca Nocentini
Patrick Schmeer

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