(cba:news) xmmu J1151-62

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue May 7 03:24:23 EDT 2013

Hi (southern) CBAers,

Cancel the nightly coverage on this peculiar star - likely a nova in 
2008 (though with most of its eruption probably occurring while hiding 
in the solar glare).  We found a strong period of 0.3604 d in 2010, when 
the star was at V=13.9.  Now it has faded by about 1 mag... and that 
signal (probably Porb) is gone.  Much to my surprise and chagrin.
One can dream up a scheme to explain it - decline of the supersoft 
source - but whether that's right or not, quien sabe?

Anyway it's not a good target to pursue.  It waffles around between 16.0 
and 14.7, slowly and without a discernible pattern - despite good 
coverage from Josch and Berto.  Not a winner.  On to other stars!


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