(cba:news) XMMU J115113.3-623730

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Mar 29 20:03:10 EDT 2013

Hi (southern) CBAers,

Now would be a good time to get long time series on this star.  Three 
years it showed a strong 0.3604 d period, presumably the orbital period. 
  This year, Josch Hambsch has obtained good nightly coverage from 
Chile, and that signal - so obvious in 2010 - is gone.  The star is 
fainter now - 15 rather than 13.6 - but it's quite puzzling that an 
orbital signal would disappear.  Given the length of the period, it may 
be because we need help from other longitudes to nail this down, amid 
the chatter of random variability.  Time-series in the next 1-2 weeks 
should link nicely with the data in hand and resolve this problem.

The comparison star Josch is using is AUID 000-BJV-892 (AAVSO Label 11.3)


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