(cba:news) scratch another star from Aquila

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Jul 18 18:00:47 EDT 2013

A quick look at the V1315 Aql data suggests that its superhump is 
dormant this year (well, this week).  So let's take it off the menu for 
the rest of the year.

However, the variable X-ray source is definitely variable at visual 
wavelengths - and is it ever!  It varies by about 2 magnitudes, on many 
timescales, and the spectrum looks like some kind of very 
high-excitation mass transfer binary, probably a CV or LMXB.   A great, 
great target for intensive followup with long time series!

That's Swift J2124.6+0500, in Equuleus, the Little Horse.


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