(cba:news) V893 Sco

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Jul 15 08:30:27 EDT 2013

Hi CBAers,

Koji Mukai has reminded me of our pathetic knowledge of a very important 
dwarf nova, V893 Sco.  It's bright, nearby, quite X-ray-luminous, and 
has a very short Porb.  Plus it has outbursts, doubled emission lines, 
and probable eclipses.  It oughta be royalty among the SU UMas.  But 
actually, despite these shiny credentials, it has never really even 
acquired citizenship in that realm.

Why not?  Because neither superoutbursts nor superhumps have ever been 
reported. Probably those of us interested in such things, e.g. me, have 
shied away from studying this star.  But now that the SU UMa phenomenon 
has become decidedly the norm, we ought to be interested in the 
well-documented exceptions, if indeed they are well-documented.

V893 Sco is still moderately in season for southerners.  I think it 
would be a great target for long-term CBA coverage, starting now.

joe p

p.s. Koji also sent me this advertisement for my favorite TV program of 
my youth.  Growing up in Yokohama, it taught me that you can outwit even 
superpower-equipped villains, if you have a pure heart, a Honda 50, and 
a dog.



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