(cba:news) Fwd: SDSS1005+1911

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Jan 29 18:24:06 EST 2013

Dear CBAers,

He means business!  Can you possibly observe this star *tonight*?  Just 
to remind, HST won't observe stars which might be in eruption, so we 
need observations right up to the date of observation (for permission to 
observe) and on the date (for maximum science impact).  It doesn't have 
to be a long time series, but make sure it's an actual magnitude - not 
just a differential magnitude (i.e. make sure you know the magnitude of 
the comparison star).


oh, and send right away to Boris.

Subject: SDSS1005+1911
From: Boris Gaensicke <Boris.Gaensicke at warwick.ac.uk>
To: Joe Patterson <jop at astro.columbia.edu>
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Hi Joe,

can you send a note to your CBA army that we *urgently* need
some V-band measurements for SDSS1005+1911? It is
planned for tomorrow night, and we haven't had any
observation for the past 2 days, so I am getting a bit
anxious... more details are here




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