(cba:news) LT Eri = SDSS J040714.78-064425.1

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Jan 22 06:35:02 EST 2013

Dear CBAers,

We have an HST observation of this star coming up in a few days - make 
this star a very high (the highest) priority now.  *Both* for magnitude 
estimation (the imperative) and for a long time series, which will 
likely be quite interesting since it eclipses and has other periodic 
signals as well.

Late in the night, remember OT J122221.6-311525 - just discovered, still 
bright and humping, and likely to be an important star for years to come.

Nova Mon 2012 is also a definite keeper, and very important once the 
Moon gets out of the way.  But make SDSS 0407 your prime evening target. 
And don't spurn it because someone else is observing it; we need to be 
well calibrated on this star, and with HST soon jumping on it, we want 
to be solidly on the air before, during, and after the space observation.


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