(cba:news) t pyx and TCP1537-24, mainly

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Feb 28 04:30:19 EST 2013

Dear CBAers,

Thanks to Jonathan, attached is the short-version of our T Pyx paper. 
It should also appear on astro-ph in a few days... and a longer version 
-  with much more data, data analysis, and speculation - 1-2 months later.

We're through with T Pyx for the season - or at least for March.  Some 
observations in April will keep the ephemeris tight, and establish the 
new period with sufficient precision to bridge to future years.

Bill Stein is continuing to study TCP1537-24, but otherwise this (likely 
very) important star is getting neglected.  It would be great to cover 
this dwarf-nova during its first-ever outburst!

Two other stars.

Nova Mon 2012.  We still seek long light curves of this star.  Decently 
placed for all hemispheres.  The period is long - 7 hours - so you need 
long runs (>4 hr for sure), but it's important to define the light curve 
in this, year zero after eruption.

YY Sex.  This has been off our lists for a few years.  There's a stable 
~100 minute period, and the stability of that period is enough to 
convince me that it's an AM Her star (only an orbital period could be 
*that* stable).  But the quality of our limit would now be 2-3 times 
better, since more time has elapsed.  It's a nice target for a bright 
Moon, since the orbital modulation is huge in I light.

Enrique, can you update on the other long-term dwarf-nova studies? 
Especially ER UMa and OT0754+38.  And re BK Lyn, I'm inclined to think 
that somewhat more coverage is desirable, to keep track of the period. 
Do you agree?

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