(cba:news) Fwd: [vsnet-outburst 15091] TCP J15375685-2440136: large-amplitude transient

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Feb 9 01:35:31 EST 2013

Wow, this star's a little out of season, but kind of sensational. Dwarf 
novae in (super)outburst are a pretty good standard candle at absolute 
magnitude 4.6.  That makes this one about 12.7 in quiescence, which is 
faint even for a bare white dwarf - so the accretion disk must be 
really, really faint.  We love such stars, and there are precious few of 
'em.  They're probably the oldest CVs in the zoo, and that's where we've 
had some of our best successes - in geriatric CV-ology.

Not convenient for anyone (since southerners have short nights now). 
But let this star not go unmolested.  Fight the good fight against 
airmass and twilight.


TCP J15375685-2440136: large-amplitude transient

    Itagaki-san has informed that he detected a bright transient.

2013 02 08.7797*  15 37 56.85 -24 40 13.6  13.6 U     Lib

    GSC 2.3.2 gives j mag of 21.74.  The outburst amplitude is 8 mag.
The object looks likely a WZ Sge-type dwarf nova.
Observations are encouraged.

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