(cba:news) V482 Cam!

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Dec 30 12:23:08 EST 2013

Oops, I forgot V482 Cam in yesterday's message.  This is definitely a 
worthy replacement to the just-retired BZ Cam on the CBA menu.  Deep 
eclipses every 3.2 hours, and a complex of periodic signals that will 
definitely take lengthy European plus USA time series to confidently 
unravel.  So far, the power spectrum is very reminiscent of BZ Cam 
before our lengthy time series (in the month just concluded) revealed 
the underlying structure.  A messy power spectrum, but there appear to 
be at least three pretty-closely-spaced-in-frequency periodic signals - 
each living among the distracting aliases of the other.

That's a nasty place for periodic signals to live.  To actually resolve 
them and in particular to decode the alias structure, we definitely need 
long time series, and with true overlap - which means Europeans should 
take the star well west of the meridian, and USA observers should pick 
it up well east of the meridian.

Around magnitude 16 out of eclipse.  Feasible on a good night.  It 
worked for BZ Cam - let's do it again!

joe p
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