(cba:news) V482 Cam and V1159 Ori

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Dec 17 02:19:49 EST 2013

Dear CBAers,

Thanks for the fast, intense response to BZ Cam.  At last it's a 
winner... and keep it up.

Enrique has found another in the Giraffe: V482 Cam = HS 0728+6738.
This 15.8 mag star has deep eclipses every 3.3 hours, but his data show 
a probable detection of 2 (and possibly 3) other periods - which, if 
true, would fit neatly into the positive-and-negative superhump story we 
have been peddling for these 3-5 hour novalikes.  So far, we have no 
data at all from other observatories, especially the North American 
longitudes which would likely solve the alias problem and clarify the 
stability of these signals.  (Transient, unstable signals are a dime a 

During these nights of Olde Whiteface, it's tempting to go for the 
brighter star.  But consider this new target.  It'll be around for a 
while - practically forever in that constellation - but observations 
close in time to Enrique's (viz., now) will have maximum leverage to 
resolve these issues of periodic behavior.

Then there's V1159 Ori.  Nobody can get long runs on this star, so it 
will take a lot of global coverage to string together a really good 
light curve.  Consider making it a regular item on your observing menu. 
Especially from NZ and AU - those longitudes would be really helpful in 
decoding the periodic behavior.


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