(cba:news) delete TT Tri and BY Cam, and restore T Pyx

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Dec 3 15:54:41 EST 2013

We have enough runs on TT Tri now to terminate for the season, and great 
coverage on BY Cam - enough to tie down the ephemeris for Nov-Dec.
We probably should pick up BY Cam again in 2 months time.  But the sky 
is packed with good targets, and these guys can now be crossed off our list.

For southerners, and defiant northerners, it's time to pick up the chase 
again for T Pyx.  I wrote up our previous results in the attachment, 
which most of you have seen... but have been delaying the formal, larger 
paper until we got a month or so of 2013-14 timings.  It makes a big 
difference whether the sudden delta-P will be erased in a few years, or 
just be the anchor point for further period increase.  The baseline is 
now long enough to resolve the difference.

The usual time-series considerations apply.  Unfiltered is fine, BUT it 
would be good if someone obtained SOME calibrated magnitudes, especially V.

Naked-eye nova in Centaurus!  Break out the sunglasses.


A few months from now, we may want to go after this star.

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