(cba:news) NR TrA, sound the drums

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Aug 22 17:57:30 EDT 2013

Dear CBAers,

The CBA coverage of NR TrA, while excellent this year, ended >2 months 
ago.  That seemed enough at the time, since it seemed that the period 
(presumed orbital in origin) was stable.  However, Fred Walter (Mr. MR 
TrA, and on the verge of being Mr. Nova) tells me now that he suspects, 
based partly on our earlier data, that the period wanders slightly. 
That's a whole different ballgame!  (Sorry for the slang, foreigners, 
but you get the idea.)

So we have enormous need for NR TrA time-series now.  The period 
(orbital, or whatever it is) is long and the season is late, but with 
our strategically placed southern observers - S Africa/Chile/NZ/AU - we 
have a fighting chance of battling all that southern ocean and 
accurately defining the star's present period and waveform.

At least the declination is favorable.

Josch, I'd nominate this one for evening coverage.  The variations are 
relatively slow, and V1432 Aql can wait a few weeks (plus get northern 
help, unlike TrA).  And Gordon, it's good for eastern AU, or for that 
matter any AU, as well.

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