(cba:news) Fwd: 1RXS-J023238.8-371812

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Oct 23 11:40:38 EDT 2012

Hi CBAers,

Here's the next star on the HST menu - RX0232-37.  This one is not only 
relevant to the forthcoming HST spectrum - it's also an absolute primo 
CBA target (or would be if it were a tad brighter).  So time series 
would be very, very valuable.  At 18.5, it'll be a stretch; but my guess 
is that this is a very, very ancient CV - older than WZ Sge, even.
Just knowing Porb would test this hypothesis very strongly!


Hi All, in particular Arne & Joe,

> the second visit is now scheduled, 1RXS-J023238.8-371812:
> Nov 1, 2012 22:52:28    Nov 2, 2012 07:09:06

NB to this: I feel much more relaxed about this one, as it
should not show much activity - but of course STScI require
the usual intense monitoring. The data we have far,


is re-assuring, but it would really be great if we get a few more
southern observers involved until Nov. 1 - could you send out
another alert / request for help?



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