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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Nov 20 17:30:06 EST 2012

Here are the scanned figures for the paper I sent earlier today. A 
couple are slightly botched, but anyway they should suffice for comments.

I'm awfully keen to carry out this type of analysis for the other ER UMa 
stars, especially V1159 Ori since it's perfectly placed now and 
available to all hemispheres.  We had a good campaign 20 years ago, and 
have a lot more firepower today!

The ER UMa class has a thing for 9 hr right ascension: ER UMa, BK Lyn, 
RZ LMi, and DI UMa.  Half the class!  It's a tad too early in the season 
to get serious about these guys, but you might want to pick your 
favorite (I especially recommend the latter two) and start obtaining 
some time series.  Then pick up the pace in a month's time.  In general 
I'd say BK Lyn and ER UMa are slightly lower priority, because we 
covered them so thoroughly in the 2011-12 season.

It is not, however, too early for T Pyx!  Also 9 hr RA, but because the 
interest there is simpler (the possible existence and waveform of an 
orbital signal), there is no need for very long time series - a few 
hours per night is fine.  It's time to see how the eruption has treated 
our precious pre-eruption orbital signal.  I bet a few weeks of coverage 
from our powerful southern outposts (South Africa/Chile/NZ/AU will nail 
this quite nicely... and will separate that paper, too (17 years in the 
making), from the glue of my desk.

Finally, I'd like to vigorously push PX And.  Still very much in season, 
and likely another one of these two-brands-of-superhump characters. 
I'll be pushing a lot of Sex stars (its class) in the next months.

I've been neglecting the dwarf novae.  But Enrique has kept that flame 
going, and the Galaxy has furnished us with some pretty interesting ones 
in the last few weeks/months.  I hope to catch up with all this activity 
over the holiday.

So... V1159 Ori, T Pyx, PX And, and maybe some other ER UMa star. 
That's my short list for now.  For a change, no DQ Her stars.... 
although they're always good targets when conditions are poor.


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