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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Nov 20 05:05:53 EST 2012

Dear CBAers,

Sorry for being inaudible these past few months.  The expanding-universe 
conference... the resumption of teaching... the setbacks to teaching 
inflicted by the hurricane... writing this paper... and summer-fall 2012 
flew by.  But led by Enrique, I think that CBA observations haven't 
suffered much.  In another 1-2 days I'll send comments on observing 
targets for the next few weeks.  But I wanted to get this (draft) paper 
off my desk and into co-authors' hands before our national holiday this 

1. I'll send the figures for this paper later today.  That might be a 
rather big file, so I wanted to send separately.

2. Only ~6 of you sent postal addresses when I recently asked.  Most of 
the journals nowadays ask for emails and postal addresses of co-authors. 
  If you didn't already, send 'em.

3. It's possible the author list is incomplete.  I based it on my 
observing notebooks, which might be a slightly incomplete record of our 
observations of this star.  Don't be bashful - please tell me if I've 
left you out.

4. Unfortunately for me - and alas, to some extent for you too - I seem 
to be trapped in this pattern of studying a star for 10-20 years before 
publishing.  Papers reporting 15-20 year campaigns on two other stars 
(GD 552 and T Pyx) are nearly complete - and I'll send 'em when done. 
Since we've had ~70 refereed CBA papers, I haven't always been so 
sluggish!  I just get awfully fascinated by a few stars, and keep 
wanting to see what the next season will bring...  But I promise to get 
more into reportage, and less into epic-writing.

5. As you'll see if you read this, I've gotten seduced by this idea that 
CVs don't really have a true "quiescence", but are just seen in various 
stages of decline from nova eruptions.  So I'm inclined to invest 
heavily in observational programs on two types of stars:
(a) Recent novae.  We've been decently diligent about tracking them, but 
should now take this to a more intense level.
(b) SW Sex and ER UMa stars. Obvious candidates as unrecognized recent 
novae. Let the time series rip.
For both types of stars, I'll send specific suggestions within a few 
days (or later today).

6. Please send comments/corrections, and soon.  I hope to send this off 
to the journals in about 2 weeks.

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