(cba:news) SS UMi, V1974 Cyg, V503 Cyg, V4743 Sgr, V1223 Sgr

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed May 30 23:05:36 EDT 2012

Hi Tom et al.,

We have beautiful weather here at Kitt Peak. Second night of 10 night 
run.  This is my last night - Helena will take all the rest, along with 
2-4 Columbia students she's inculcating into the arcana of research.

Our two main targets will be SS UMi (start of night) and V1974 Cyg 
(after midnight).  So you might endeavor to get SS UMi late in your 
night (as I think has been your custom).  It would be GREAT to get 
European help on SS UMi; I realize the runs will be short, but it'll 
help with alias issues.

V503 Cyg is the other ER UMa star (in my opinion) beginning its 
observing season.  Time to fire up on that guy with long runs.

It's also dead-on perfect season for V4743 Sgr (hard, fascinating 
target) and V1223 Sgr (easy target - only DQ Her star secularly spinning 
down since discovery).  I'd love to work with some data on these stars. 
  We have a lot of students now, and will be capable of a great 
improvement in our conversion rate of data to scientific papers

It was a great Big Bear meeting... and I'll write about it, and some 
changes ahead, after I get back home on Saturday.


Oh yeah - it's FINALLY time to declare season's end for our various 
stars at 9 hours (RZ LMi, ER UMa, BK Lyn).  Better take a lesson from 

On 5/30/2012 10:46 PM, Tom Krajci wrote:
> I see that the cloud is drifting south slowly...may try opening soon.
> Las Cruces is south of me...so you may see that happening in an hour or so.
> On 5/30/2012 8:22 PM, Bill Stein wrote:
>> Tom - I am under the same smoke conditions here too and I do not plan to
>> observe.
>> Bill
>> Las Cruces, NM
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>> Smoke plume from the forest fire in the Gila is over me.  Sun is safe to
>> look at with unaided eye...blood red.  Bright moon tonight to shine on the
>> smoke.  Looks like wind may keep that plume over me for the rest of the
>> night.  Not good for taking data.  (But the smoke is not at ground level, so
>> it's not a local health hazard at this time.)
>> I won't run scopes unless I'm sure that the plume will move away.  I'll
>> monitor for an hour or so after sunset...but not much longer because I'm
>> tired from running the last few days, and repairing/troubleshooting.
>> These smoke clouds are amazing IR filters that block most visible light.  If
>> I stand in the shadow of a tree, and then step out where the sun is (faintly
>> visible) to my eyes...the skin on my face tells me that a strong IR source
>> is blasting away.
>> The fire is now the largest in New Mexico history, and 0% contained.
>> Smoke will be generated for weeks to come.  How large will it get, and what
>> will stop it?...people, or monsoon rains in 6 - 8 weeks?
>> <http://www.inciweb.org/incident/2870/>
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