(cba:news) Fwd: SS UMi

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Mar 29 13:00:02 EDT 2012

Dear CBAers,

I'm forwarding this note from Enrique.  I hadn't gotten around to 
studying the SS UMi data - but it may well be another member of that 
club. Good target for morning photometry, especially from the USA.


   SS UMi could be another target to be added to the ER UMa-like
target list you are suggesting.
I started ~10-12 days ago to follow it and I'm getting the impression
that a close look at this system will show similar behavior to that
observed for ER UMa. I caught the star in super when I started (just
by chance). Now that the super is over, it's at ~16.5. Faint, but
doable, because the signal in this low state is of relatively large
amplitude. I've got Josh, Tom, and David involved, but most of the
data so far are coming for Euro longitudes, with the obvious aliasing.
~5 hour-long series from USA will be extremely helpful. If you think
this target fits the CBA plan on ER UMa-like stars,
would you mind calling for time series?

  I was on CR Boo yesterday night for several hours, but decided not
to send the data (cloudy and data embarrassingly noisy).
It was, as suggested by others, again around 16.8-17.0 mag. I will try
some to get some B,V data, but that will have to wait a few days
until the weather gets better.


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