(cba:news) CR Boo!

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Mar 28 08:04:57 EDT 2012

Josch Hambsch's observation revealed CR Boo at 17.5 last night.  We've 
been waiting for this!  Since it's equatorial and transiting near 
midnight, the star is pretty well placed for everyone - and it would be 
awfully nice to jump on this bashful star and obtain time series before 
it leaves this rare low state.  The relevant period is ~25 minutes, but 
there's not much known about what will show up... so probably you can 
afford longish integrations - but not too long.  Most people should 
observe unfiltered, but if you have a (relatively) big telescope and 
very good night, some filtered photometry.

And if you have any opportunity to obtain spectroscopy (on a 1+ m 
telescope), do it!  The only time we ever caught CR Boo faint, we 
obtained a super-strange spectrum - it looked like a G star with 
helium-2 emission.  That's strange enough to be a good candidate for a 
mistake; but we thought hard about it, and couldn't figure out any 
mistake we made.

We haven't been watching *extremely* closely... but for me, it's been a 
20-year wait.


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