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Pretty exciting stuff, from Gianluca Masi.  Great object for time-series 
photometry!  Don't forget about BK Lyn, which is blazing a path to glory 
this year... but some of the other targets could take a mild vacation...


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Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Transient Object Confirmation Page Report

TOCP Designation: TCP J08461690+3115554
Observation Date: 2012 03 20.81
Remarks: I managed to do time-resolved photometry for 3 hours on this OT,
before the clouds forced me to stop. I   remotely used the photometric
14"@f/8.7 unit part of the Virtual Telescope Project, Ceccano, Italy . 
OT (found at mag. 17.3) is clearly superhumping, with an amplitude of 0.5
mags, so being a SU UMa dwarf nova in superoutburst,. Also, it is showing
sharp, >2-mag deep eclipses, with a duration around 25-30 minutes.    A
search for the superhump period provided a candidate of 2.27 hours, into 
period gap.    The LC is available here:

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