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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Mar 16 14:54:11 EDT 2012

Dear CBAers,

Most of the northern targets we're following are going great guns: BK 
Lyn and ER UMa are re-writing record books (and we're rewriting them 
too, for diligence of tracking).  BH Lyn has a weaker signal, but is 
starting to define itself through the fog.  All three stars show 
evidence (the first two are obvious) of simultaneous positive and 
negative superhumps.  We've seen a few examples of this before, but with 
great coverage can trace how the two interact - and to what extent they 
participate in eruptions.

RZ LMi is also well worth following.  We don't have much data yet this 
year, but I expect it to be very rewarding.

I'm inclined to take DW UMa off the list.  Humps this year, other than 
orbital, are weak - hard to distinguish amid the large orbital modulation.

And in its place I propose LN UMa = "UMa 7".  Possibly a similar star, 
and one we have little acquaintance with (just one season).  And V355 
UMa = SDSS1339+48.  The latter is quite faint, about 17, but will be 
fascinating to watch for its post-eruption behavior.

In the south, we've discontinued CP Pup (seasonal, plus an embarrassment 
of riches) and V393 Hya (sigh, just not doing anything this year).  In 
their place I suggest SW Sex, plus the helium stars CR Boo and V803 Cen.

Especially CR Boo - for all hemispheres.  I hope to make this one the 
centerpiece of our March->May observing.


P.S. Just registered and sent in a BK Lyn abstract for the SAS meeting - 
where I hope to see a bunch of you! (I attach the abstract)
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