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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Jun 7 21:08:13 EDT 2012

And here's the news re CR Boo.  Since it's out of season, I'm hoping for 
very extensive multi-longitude cooperation on this one.  New Zealand? 
Perth?  South Africa?  I think the southerners are somewhat favored for 
this despite the +8 degree dec - because of the mighty Sun, enemy of all 
things western this month.

Not only is the superoutburst imminent, but the big superhumps are quite 
short-lived.  We're plenty interested in their aftermath (stretching 
over a couple weeks)... but just what they do in that first glorious 
day, that's been mighty elusive!


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Hi all,

   24 hours ago, CR Boo was in its low state at 17.3 mag. Right now
it's at 14.9 mag and it has risen ~0.35 mag since I started this run
(100 minutes ago). Considering that the next supermaximum was expected
at JD ~ 87, this looks like the rising stage to the next
superoutburst. As the brightness at supermax is ~14.1 mag, superhumps
will likely start to show up over the next few hours.

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