(cba:news) stars for june 2012

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Jun 7 10:47:39 EDT 2012

and here's the spreadsheet:


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Dear CBAers,

The new season brings a new crop of stars to the CBA lineup, and retires
some others.  Retired for seasonal reasons (and a few also for lack of
satisfactory performance): V1084 Her, AM CVn, V795 Her, ER UMa.  Many
other notes supplied on Joe Ulowetz's spreadsheet.

I struggled a bit with the spreadsheet, but the main new stars for coverage
now are:

V1974 Cyg - gold-plated star for saturation northern coverage with the
            bigger scopes
CR Boo - for at least 2 more weeks, from telescopes NORTH AND SOUTH; the
         next super is about to happen
V1432 Aql - for the new observing season; the star has 2 periods, 12116 and
            12150 s, and it's up to us to learn how fast 12150 (allegedly
            rotation) is returning to 12116 (orbit).  This is likely to
            be the timescale for re-locking of the WD after the disturbance
            of a classical nova outburst (although no such outburst is
            known for V1432).
V4743 Sgr - important new DQ Her star.
V503 Cyg - start the season for this important likely ER UMa star.

More in a few days, and on spreadsheet.


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