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Please find below an announcement, courtesy Jerry Foote, of the 2012 
Society for Astronomical Sciences Symposium.  It will be held in Big Bear, 
California, during May 22-24, 2012.  Please direct questions to 
program at SocAstroSci.org .




Happy New Year!

The latest SAS newsletter is now available on-line as a
PDF download. Visit


The newsletter features additional details to those given
below for the 2012 Symposium on Telescope Science as well
as some great articles.


It's time to start giving thought to the 2012 Symposium
on Telescope Science.

This will be a joint meeting with the AAVSO, which
we hope will be as big as the one in 2009 that saw
about 150 people in attendance.

The dates are Tuesday-Thursday, May 22-24, 2012. Tuesday
will feature a morning workshop on spectroscopy with
small telescopes lead by Dr. John C. Martin. The afternoon
workshop is hosted by the AAVSO's Dr. Aaron Price and will
cover VPHOT, the on-line photometry program.

Wednesday and Thursday morning will feature our paper sessions.
Thursday afternoon is set aside for the AAVSO general membership
meeting, socializing, and meeting with our sponsors and vendors.

Here are the deadlines (2012):

     Abstract Deadline:  Sat. March 16, 00 UT
     Papers Deadline:    Sat. April 13, 00 UT

Note that the deadlines are UT and so, for those in the
U.S., the deadlines are late afternoon on the day before,
i.e., Friday March 15 and April 12.

What we are really soliciting is a 20 minute oral
presentation, 15 minutes talk and 5 minutes Q/A, _AND_
a paper that covers the presentation in more detail.

Note the shorter presentation time than in previous years,
which were 30 minutes total. This for two reasons: 1)
to make giving a presentation less of a daunting effort and
2) to allow time for the AAVSO general membership meeting on
Thursday afternoon.

Papers can be any reasonable length. As in 2009, papers
at the SAS/AAVSO meeting will not be considered "prior
publication" and so can be submitted to the JAAVSO for more
formal publication. Either way, the papers are indexed in
the SAO/NASA Astrophysical Data System (ADS).

The presentation/paper can be on just about any topic
related to amateur astronomy research - from general
discussion of techniques, theory, or concepts - to actual
results, pro-am collaborations, and so on. They _cannot_ be
commercial in nature, i.e., you can't use the time to promote
a product or service, yours or a friend's, but you can detail
how a specific product was used in the course of carrying out
your research.

Papers can be submitted as Word (preferably as a 2003 DOC and
not 2007 DOCX) or Open Office Writer (preferably 3.x). A Word
template is available on our web site at


If nothing else, use that as a rough guide on layout
and fonts. Please use only Times New Roman, Arial, or
Symbol fonts. If you use exotic fonts, they may get lost
in translation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact
the program committee at

program at SocAstroSci.org

It's better than you send a message to that address
rather than reply to me directly since that assures
that _someone_ will see your message.

We look forward to seeing you in Big Bear in 2012.

Clear Skies,
Jerry Foote
Program Committee
Society for Astronomical Sciences


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