(cba:news) outburst of X-ray source 1RXS J074112.2-094529

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Jan 13 14:58:24 EST 2012

Dear CBAers,

This vsnet message refers to a new star, very likely a freshly erupted 
short-period dwarf nova.  Probably just up our alley, decently 
equatorial and transiting near midnight.  Can someone observe it and 
suggest a comparison star for most of us to use?

Also, I wanted again to commend Paloma = RX0524+42.  For those of you 
with a little extra by way of aperture, courage, or effrontery, it will 
be a great target.  (Around 17.5, but with a *large* amplitude 
variation.)  Gotta be long time series, though - the light curve is 
complex, and will never surrender to the faint of heart.  The star is 
probably an asynchronous AM Her star, but it has at least 3 prominent 
periods in its light curve (actually >8, but 3 independent).

No change in other targets.  As Enrique pointed out, the ER UMa campaign 
is going great... but BK Lyn, in the same part of the sky, needs your 
love too - and is somewhat the easier target, since the up-and-down 
ramps are less bothersome.


> MPRE 2012-0001
>   R.A.  07h41m12s.70
>   Decl. -09o45'55".9  (2000.0)
>   Mag.  14.1-<15.6C
>   Type  ?
> = 1RXS J074112.2-094529
> I checked the Minor Planet Checker, the SIMBAD database and 2MASS
> images, and found nothing at this position.

    GSC 2.3.2 has a 19.1(Bj) mag counterpart.  The object looks like
a dwarf nova with a relatively large outburst amplitude.

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