(cba:news) bk lyn supermax

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Apr 4 12:59:59 EDT 2012

HI CBAers,

Data from Joe Ulowetz and Richard Sabo show that BK Lyn has now jumped 
into supermax.  A very fine target now in general, and especially with 
Olde Whiteface lurking up there.

DI UMa and RZ LMi are definitely birds of a feather - more challenging 
targets usually, but will very likely reward your faithful attention.
Decent coverage so far on RZ LMi, but DI UMa has been somewhat 
neglected.  Unfairly, I'd say.

It's April, and that definitely means time to fire up the AM CVn 
campaign.  This star never entertains much - pretty flat light curve! - 
but usually flashes a beautiful set of periodic signals.  Low amplitude, 
but stable. Good target for the smaller scopes, and for relatively 
cloudy nights.


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