(cba:news) BW SCL bright outburst (v=9.6)!

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Oct 21 07:47:14 EDT 2011

Holy mackerel!  Is this true?  Linnolt's record is pretty good. Can 
someone confirm?  And can everyone skip work, and work on this star 

Waiting for BW Scl to erupt - it's been a long vigil.  If true, it's 
certainly the most important dwarf-nova eruption since WZ Sge in 1978. 
Despite the brevity of this message, it took me a long time to write it. 
  I made about 50 errors - from trembling fingers!

Just yesterday, our paper (Helena Uthas et al., MNRAS) on BW Scl at 
quiescence was finally accepted.  She'll forward it in a few days.  I 
don't remember including any "keep up a close watch" exhortation - but 
as many of you know, it's been on the prime WZ Sge watch-list for a long 
time... tied for #1 with GD 552 and MT Com.


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  According to M. Linnolt (via Aavso-discussion list), BW Scl is undergoing
a bright outburst. The orbital period of this object is 78.2 min 
T. & Wisotzki, L. A&A 324, 57-60, 1997). The object is likely a WZ Sge-type
dwarf nova. Time-resolved observations are encouraged.

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Just observed this star at historical(?) brightness. V=9.6 !
Mike LMK

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