(cba:news) v1432 aql and cp eri

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Oct 19 12:16:43 EDT 2011

Dear CBAers,

A couple of objects to take off the menu: RX2133+51 (until December, 
when it's time for late-season pulse timings) and DQ Her (until Feb-Mar, 
when it's time to start up the new season).  These stars have been 
getting great coverage from Tom, Enrique, Etienne Morelle, Jim Jones, 
and Tut/George (I can't tell 'em apart since the data flows through George.

Here are two new ones:

V1432 Aql.  We more or less concluded our season... BUT Suzaku (an X-ray 
satellite) will be making a long observation in late October, and they 
need timings of the eclipse (which should be easy) and the 
not-quite-synchronous wave (harder, but multi-longitude should permit 
it).  That's our job.

CP Eri.  We got some great data on this helium star in 1998 (oops)... 
which we're now readying for publication.  It's about 19.8 in 
quiescence, so I don't expect anyone to salivate at that.  However, its 
eruption (to 16.5) frequency is unknown, and I suspect it erupts a lot. 
  When it erupts, drop everything you're doing, and follow it 
tree-to-tree with time-series photometry. (and send to cba-news, -chat, 
Goodyear blimp, etc.)


longer message tomorrow

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