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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Feb 22 14:05:46 EST 2011

Dear CBAers,

Thanks for all that great coverage recently!  Arto's spell of good 
weather has been amazing, and of course a winter target at high 
declination is very well-suited.  So the coverage of SDSS1339+48 has 
been superb.  Shawn Dvorak (CBA-Orlando) has also provided a lot of 
critical coverage (Europe has actually dominated over the USA for this 
star).  I attach the detrended data for one night of coverage (blend of 
Arto, Enrique, Shawn).  Please ask if you'd like more.

ER UMa has also, deservedly, had a lot of great coverage - almost 30 
straight days.  It shows a very large amplitude negative superhump, 
which we want to track throughout the observing season.  Some of the 
usual heavyweights (Enrique and Tom) have been the main players on this one.

Both stars eminently deserve a LOT more data, and are likely to remain 
decently bright for a while.  The other very well-placed star, which so 
far has been upstaged by these two, is BH Lyn.  That eclipsing star also 
deserves high priority; in 1995, it showed a prominent superhump, but 
single-site coverage couldn't distinguish two periods: one slightly 
longer than Porb, and one slightly shorter.  Of course, the 
interpretation depends critically on which is true!  Let's fire away 
assiduously on this one.

In the south and deep south, there's CP Pup and AH Men -  both stars 
presently flashing very distinct waves in the light curves gathered by 
Bob Rea.  But I'm very concerned to get light curves from other 
longitudes - even the southern USA (maybe) for CP Pup, whose short 
period (90 minutes) might make this possible.

AM CVn remains a good target, but I'm inclined to shelve YZ Cnc.  My 
analysis of this star is far from complete, but I suspect it won't yield 
answers while competing with all these other known-to-be-worthy stars.

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