(cba:news) OT_J234440.5-001206 = new Catalina transient

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Sep 5 05:05:02 EDT 2010

Another little cutie in this great survey's net. Pretty large outburst 
amplitude (6.5 mag).  Gianluca reports superhumps.  Transiting near 
midnight.  Equatorial.  Our proverbial cup of tea.  Go for it!

You can find a chart on the CRTS survey page, under "MLS bright CVs". 
The double star points to the transient!


BTW Lanning 420 appears to be finished - too faint.  Nice new SU UMa, I 
guess.  Just to remind, this is a good time to resume our study of 
OT2138+26, the Pegasus transient of the springtime - now in 
quiescence... and definitely a good time to study IGR0023+61 (Cas), 
which is now pulsing with a strangely much higher amplitude.

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OT_J234440.5-001206  = MLS transient
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Dear Colleagues,

as soon as I received this alert, I slewed my robotic system to this
transient, starting time resolved photometry.

After 1.6 hours, I see a clear evidence of superhumps, with an amplitude
of 0.3 mags and a period around 2 hours (estimated by eye!).

So, this star seems to be a SU UMa star.


Taichi Kato ha scritto:
> OT_J234440.5-001206 = MLS transient
>    Forwarded message:
>    (The CRTS event identifier is MLS100904:234441-001206)
> From: Patrick Wils <patrickwils at yahoo.com>
> Subject: [cvnet-outburst] Mount Lemmon CRTS Transient
> The Mount Lemmon CRTS survey found a relatively bright transient at mag 14.3, position 23 44 40.54 -00 12 05.8.  It is mag 21 in its faint state according to SDSS, 20-20.5 according to CRTS.  This is very likely a previously unknown dwarf nova.  Details can be found here: <http://www.skyalert.org/events/15318/>.
> Patrick
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