(cba:news) HT Cas and the IPs

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Nov 6 07:43:25 EDT 2010

Dear CBAers,

Most of you know the story on HT Cas by now - bright, large superhumps, 
deep eclipses, well-placed for all borealites.  Just a great target for 
all northern CBAers.  For a change, *these* light curves are suitable 
for framing!

Hard to compete with that... but let me try.  We've also been getting 
good coverage on several DQ Hers (intermediate polars), and I've been 
scrambling to keep up with the analysis.  Here's a progress report:

* AO Psc, FO Aqr: done for the year
* RX0704+26: done for now, paper submitted; pick up again in Dec-Jan
* V2306 Cyg: done for the year - this star is complicated!
* V709 Cas:  definitely good for continuing this productive campaign
              (led by Enrique and Jim Jones); however, this year's signal
              is the first harmonic, at 156.5 s - so you must use good
              time resolution (40 s or better)
* IGR0023+61: yes, in season, strong pulse, absolutely a good target
               throughout the month.
* RX2133+51: great campaign (led by Enrique, Tut, David Boyd, and Bob
              Koff), but we're done; a few pulse timings in January
              would be nice, to nail down the long-term ephemeris
* XSS0056+46: now in mid-season - excellent for long time series from
               all longitudes
* V1062 Tau: Enrique and Tom have started up the campaign, and the
              periods are detected despite their length (1 and 10 hr).
              Good target, but only for *long* time series.
* RX0636+35: Tom has been getting steady and excellent coverage on this
              star.  Somewhat early in the season - but if his coverage
              could be complemented by long time series from Europe, we
              could nail the elusive long period, not just the short.
              Especially NOW, to connect up with Tom's streak.
* V2069 Cyg: (RX2123+42) Let's squeeze in some good time series of this
              star before the season's over!
* BG CMi, HT Cam, WX Pyx: time to start the season on these guys.

That's a first installment review of the DQs.  Clear skies!

I'll attach the time series to date for RX0636+35 (mostly Tom).  As you 
can see if you inspect it, it still suffers from zero European coverage.
Time series very soon would merge very well with this, and be very 


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