(cba:news) HT Cas, ES Cet, RX0704+26, BW Scl

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Nov 2 15:59:44 EDT 2010

Dear CBAers,

HT Cas just erupted.  We've been waiting for that for a very long time, 
and the brightness suggests a super.  For all northerners, this is the 
one to track - until it falls into a tree or something.

Papers with large CBA components have just been submitted on ES Cet 
(MNRAS), and in the next coupla days on RX0704+26 (probably PASP).  I 
attach a draft of the latter, with many CBA authors.  The former is only 
Bob Rea (so far).  Another paper, on BW Scl, is close to completion; 
this is: Rea, McCormick, Christie, Monard, Bolt, Liu.

Our publication rate has dropped recently, partly because I've been 
laboring to squeeze out a big paper on CV evolution (arXiv: 0903.1006).
But it's done now!... and I'll move quickly to convert our many 
observing programs to scientific papers.

ES Cet is a very, very desirable target to campaign on RIGHT NOW.  Cetus 
is available to everybody, the star transits near local midnight... and 
at V=16.5, it's a suitable target for the next coupla weeks, with 
minimal moonlight.  Good for all hemispheres, and try to get long runs 
so we can study possible effects on long timescales.  (This was not 
studied in the Copperwheat et al. paper.)  The orbital signal on this 
guy is just 9 minutes - one of the world's fastest binaries.

The CBA response to the DQ Her timing studies has been superb.  I've 
never gotten such abundant quality data!  We can now *retire* AO Psc and 
FO Aqr for the year, and *promote* the early-morning targets BG CMi, 
RX0704+26, Swift0732-13, and WX Pyx.  Tom Krajci has started up the 
year's campaign on V1062 Tau, and it would be great to get some European 
help on this one; the period's a touch long for reliance on 
single-longitude observation.

But make no mistake - HT Cas is the star du jour.  This eclipsing star 
has always been a touchstone star - but is strangely bashful about 
erupting when anyone's looking!


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HT CAS 2455503.3007 12.4 Y 12.3 12.5 2395AOK

Clear Skies!
Pavol A. Dubovsky & Binocular Somet 25x100; Binocular 12x60; Newton
Chermelin 300/1500 mm
Astronomical Observatory on Kolonica Saddle,

mikesimonsen wrote:
  > According to Timothy Parsons, USA, the eclipsing UGSU, HT Cas, is in
  > outburst at 12.9v on November 02.4306.
  > The last recorded outbursts were in January 2008 and March 2002.
  > Confirmation of this outburst is requested, and if it is in outburst,
  > time series observations are encouraged.
  > The orbital period is 106 minutes and the light curve should show
  > eclipses, making it both scientifically interesting and fun to observe!
  > Mike Simonsen
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